Bizarre shoe-kick draws yellow card in Bundesliga


Former Chelsea player and Belgian international Kevin de Bruyne is now in the Bundesliga with Wolfsburg, and doing quite well with them.

In fact, his form is so good that it’s drawing the ire of opposing players. Well…that’s our best guess as to why Augsburg midfielder Tobias Werner decided to do what he did.

With De Bruyne in position to complete a throw-in on the touchline, Werner picked himself up off the pitch and attempted to put his shoe back on. But before he could put it completely back on, he inexplicably decided to run in front of De Bruyne and kick his boot at the winger’s chest.

The assistant referee was literally RIGHT in front of the incident too. As a result, Werner earned himself a yellow card, certainly one of the more bizarre yellows.

I’m not sure what is funnier, the decision by Werner to kick his boot off at an opposing player (you might need that, Tobi), or the baby-faced De Bruyne’s reaction. The 23-year-old Belgian turned to the assistant with his arms outstretched like a child looking to get his older brother in trouble after a scuffle.

Thankfully, the boot missed all the important parts in De Bruyne’s midsection, although not by much. Wolfsburg won the match 1-0 on a goal from defender Naldo.