Leonardo Bonucci scores volley fit to lead Juventus over Roma 3-2


Juventus’s Leonardo Bonucci bagged a pretty incredible volley to put Juventus past Roma 3-2 in a vital early Serie A matchup.

With both clubs winning each of their first five matches and level on 15 points, the game would determine who gets the early leg up on the top of the table.

Bonucci’s strike gave Juventus that boost, and set the Serie A record for 22 straight home wins, but it wasn’t without entertainment.

Carlos Tevez picked up a first-half brace, bookending Roma scores by Francesco Totti and to leave it level at 2-2 at the halftime break. The first half also featured six yellow cards as the two battled viciously.

Bonucci’s goal in the 87th minute was the next score, but it wouldn’t end the drama. Here’s the volley:


As the clock wound down, Kostas Manolas and Alvaro Morata went head-to-head, and both were sent off for their scuffle which sparked a pitch-wide brawl.

Serie A, everybody.