Men In Blazers: Wenger vs Mourinho in pastries, Dominic West, and more


Another Monday, another half-hour of sub-optimal fun from the Crap Part of Soho as Rog and Davo took over NBCSN with Men In Blazers.

They started things off with the Shove Heard Round the World when Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho met in the middle of the touchline.  We all saw what happened before fourth official Jon Moss stepped in, but the two wondered, what would have happened if Wenger and Mourinho hadn’t been separated.

So naturally, they did what everyone else would do, and simulated the fight with pastries! Unfortunately, it turned out to be a crummy simulation after all.

There was actually a soccer match that happened at Stamford Bridge too, not just a wrestling match, so the two recapped the game with highlights and commentary that will blow away even Arlo White.

For this week’s Moment of Wow! the two found a team netting goals that hardly scores in Premier League action, so naturally, it shocked them. But that wasn’t the Moment…not exactly.

The Men In Blazers debuted a new segment where they’ll be detailing the ever-changing state of NBCSN Premier League analyst Kyle Martino’s tie knot, which has jumped around the spectrum throughout this season and fascinates Rog and Devo.

Finally, they met with star of The Wire, Dominic West, a Sheffield, England native who plays an American on his new show The Affair and lives right near the Queens Park Rangers home stadium. It’s ok folks, he makes fun of QPR. And Millwall. It’s entertaining.

West also takes some time to run through some English cities and rattle off a few stereotypes and some other interesting tidbits about narcotics that we might not endorse here on here.

As they wrapped up their interview, the trio dug into their fortune-telling pies to make predictions for United States vs. Ecuador. Rog predicts three goals and two assists for Landon Donovan in his finale, in a 3-2 United States win. We’ll be sending him back to elementary school math shortly. Meanwhile, West went for the humor value by picking a controversial scoreline. Good jokes, Dominic!