Sepp Blatter questions away goals rule


Away goals have played a crucial part in European competition for nearly 50 years.

Now, Sepp Blatter thinks we should do away with them.

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The away goals rule, which is used in Europa and Champions league play, advances the team which has scored more goals away from home in the case of a tie. While this has been the law of the land since 1965, Blatter says it creates an unfair advantage for teams playing away for the second leg of competition.

The idea dates back to a time when away games were often an adventure, involving journeys that could be long and arduous – and the playing conditions would vary considerably.

In reality, it favours the club that play away from home in the second leg. Where the scores are tied, that team has 30 minutes more than their opponent to score a valuable away goal. After all, in the first leg there is no extra-time.”

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Blatter does make a fair point that extra-time would give a competitive edge to the away side, giving them more opportunities to score that vital away goal. But knowing FIFA, who knows when a change could possibly take place.

A new way to decide ties, rather than use away goals, was discussed in September at a meeting of top coaches in Switzerland.