Roy Keane’s rants continue; Sir Alex Ferguson, ex-teammates the next targets


Roy Keane has continued to spill the beans on his fractious relationship with former manager Sir Alex Ferguson and his ex-teammates at Manchester United.

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After his new book was released on Thursday, titled “The Second Half”, Keane exploded in a press conference when talking about his relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson and how the former Manchester United captain saw his relationship break down irrevocably during the 2005-06 season.

We’ve already brought you Keane’s revelations about several locker room bust ups, his comments on former teammates, managers and plenty of other individuals. Plus, he also slammed Jose Mourinho during the book launch in Dublin.

Here’s what Keane had to say about Sir Alex, after revealing that he refused to attend his ex-managers statue unveiling in 2013 following the announcement that he would be retiring from the game.

“You have to defend yourself,” Keane said. “A lot of people are frightened of him [Ferguson]. You can’t go against him because you’ll never be allowed speak to him again but, thank God, I don’t have them problems. Why do people let him get away with that?

People sit back and are frightened to death of him. I think a lot of managers would probably be intimidated by him, probably bow to him. I think [Roberto] Martinez reckons he was misquoted a few years ago that Ferguson had his disciples. But he obviously does.

Will I ever forgive him [Ferguson]? I don’t know. Listen, I don’t know. We’ll see if we ever cross paths again. I’m sure we will – cross paths, I mean.”

Keane also accused his ex-teammates of spreading lies about him and claimed it is now time for him to have his turn and to tell a few home truths.

“The stuff that has been said to me over the years, even from ex-team-mates, is a pack of lies. It’s just lies and lies and lies and sometimes you just say: ‘Listen, I have got to get up and say something myself and defend myself a little bit.’ Hopefully the book will reflect that. I know there’s people in this room who’ve got mates who are happy to tell lies about me and it’s okay for people to print it so every now and again you have to defend yourself.”