MLS to include fan faces on jerseys during August of next season


They say the crest on the front is more important than the name on the back, but what does that mean for faces inside the numbers?

Major League Soccer will have a unique promotion for season ticket holders in August of 2015. Specially-selected fans will get to upload an image of their face to be used inside of the players’ uniform numbers for a month next season.

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These fans will also get to choose where their photo goes inside of the individual numeral (I’ll go at the crux of the number 7, thanks).

From our friends at Soccerly:

Fans will have the opportunity to customize jerseys and additional merchandise with these special numbers at their club’s official stadium store.

MLS will be the first league to utilize this platform, which is provided by Playing2. The Mexican National Team, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid are among several teams in other countries that have used this platform to bring their fans closer to the game.

Specific details of individual MLS clubs’ activation of this unique program will be released by the clubs in the near future.

No reason not to do fan-inclusive things like this, really. Here’s hoping fans get creative with their shots, though. Huge smiles, angry scowls and eyebrow antics are all encouraged by this writer.