Germany suffers huge blow as 18-year-old Schalke youth star chooses Albania


If you think Julian Green snubbing Germany is bad, this is a hundred times more alarming.

It seems winning the World Cup wasn’t enough for the German national team to convince 18-year-old rising star Donis Avdijaj to stick with his birth country, as the up-and-coming striker has reportedly chosen instead to play for Albania.

Playing for Schalke’s youth side, Avdijaj has an incredible $65 million release clause, which is $6 million more than club-mate Julian Draxler’s.

With Draxler and 19-year-old Max Meyer, Schalke has an insane youth setup, but the national side couldn’t capitalize.

Avdijaj has played for the German youth side, and has an insane scoring record across his club youth career, bagging 79 goals in 87 appearances. Last season alone, he bagged 54 goals and 16 assists in just 45 matches for club and country at the youth level, a simply stunning tally.

Before signing his new contract with the release clause in March, it was reported that Liverpool was interested in Avdijaj, but likely the new deal has held them off at least for the time being.

Germany will be fine without him, but the miss is big, especially since his other two options were European minnows Albania and Kosovo. Fair play to the kid, who clearly put his feelings of national identity and/or a desire for playing time over the big name team.

The Albanian press has tabbed Avdijaj as the next Thomas Muller, despite being only seven years younger than the German striker.