SportsWorld: Joe Posnanski and “One Light Bulb” Burnley

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“It’s almost like before the town was there, there was a football club.”

That’s what Burnley manager Sean Dyche says and, reading Joe Posnanski’s long-form piece for NBC’s SportWorld, it makes more than a bit of sense.

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The article is called, “David and Goliath and Burnley” and we’ll be surprised if readers don’t find a bit of love for the club (unless you’re a Blackburn, Preston or Bolton supporter).

Consider, from SportsWorld:

The Premier League is somewhat fanatical about a rule that states that before every game the grass must be cut to precisely 30 millimeters. This, the Premier League will tell you, helps create a level playing field.

“Level playing field, right?” Dyche says smiling. “Here’s a story for you. We played Manchester United, OK? (Angel) Di Maria costs 60 million pounds, right? (In) the whole history of the Burnley club, we’ve only spent 45 million. The whole history.

“We spent eight million pounds this year. In the grand scheme of our club, that is a lot of money. In the grand scheme of the Premier League, it’s laughable. This is what we are. We’re a real club with a lot of heart and a grand history. But …”

Just then, Darren Bentley, the team’s media manager, comes in and screws a light bulb into a dangling electrical wire overhead. The team is using Premier League money to refurbish this small groundskeeper’s house into a media center.

“Sorry, sorry,” he says. “We only have one light bulb for now.”

Burnley hosts West Ham on Saturday.