Balotelli hammers Cesare Prandelli, implies he’s not a ‘real’ man


Mario Balotelli’s unfortunately hasn’t showed off his finest form with Liverpool, and his lack of goal scoring saw the big-bodied forward off Italy’s roster for a number of recent Euro 2015 qualifiers.

Nonetheless, critical remarks made by the Italian footballer were directed at former Italy head man Cesare Prandelli, not new Azzurri and ex-Juventus boss Antonio Conte.

Promptly fired after Italy’s sub-par performance in Brazil, Prandelli called out Balotelli’s play in the World Cup this summer, saying Super Mario “lived in a place far from reality.” Prandelli also just told Sport that “Balotelli is not a champion.

The 24-year-old slammed him for these comments.

“Real men, if they have something to say, then they come to you and say it to your face,” Balotelli said. “I am a face-to-face person, a straight person. Prandelli said bad stuff about me. Should he be going and talking to the newspapers about me straight after a game? I did not expect that and I did not reply, because there is no point.”

The striker was unhappy with fans’ criticism as well.

“I have to be honest and say I was disappointed at what people were saying and how they were blaming me after the World Cup. I think I had two, maybe three chances all tournament. Everyone knows I scored against England, but I couldn’t do much else.”

Criticism or not, Balotelli was brought to Liverpool from AC Milan to net a fair amount of goals, and he hasn’t met those expectations. The past is the past, and any disparaging comments must be ignored in the interest of earning one’s worth on the pitch right now.