Jurgen Klinsmann responds to Don Garber’s comments


Get your popcorn ready, the latest round of Jurgen Klinsmann vs. Don Garber is upon us.

Okay, before we big it up, Klinsmann’s rebuke to Garber’s heavy criticism is somewhat tame, as the head coach of the U.S. national team claims his comments “were misread” and that he it’s “great to see that we have debates and public discussions like this” in the USA, before stating that he never meant to offend Major League Soccer.

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In case you missed it, last week Klinsmann expressed some displeasure towards USMNT players Michael Bradley and Clint Dempsey after they returned from Europe to play in MLS. The commissioner of MLS, Don Garber, then issued a verbal bashing of Klinsmann’s comments via a conference call on Wednesday by stating that his views were “very, very detrimental to the league, to the sport of soccer in North America … they are wrong.”

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In an interview with Reuters near his home in California released late on Thursday, Klinsmann had the following to say about Garber’s comments.

“It’s great to see that we have debates and public discussions like this because that shows that more and more people care about soccer in this country,” Klinsmann said. “In Europe, in South America and in Mexico we’re all used to this,” Klinsmann said. “It’s part of people’s everyday lives – to have debates about different opinions. It’s just starting now in the United States and I think it’s pretty cool.”

Speaking further on his comments which Mr. Garber took exception too, Klinsmann claimed they had been misread and he was merely striving for all of his players to play at the highest possible level.

“I never meant to put anyone down in the MLS by saying we need the highest level possible for our players no matter where they play,” Klinsmann said, “It was just an attempt to explain that players need to always strive to the highest possible level. I think some things were a little misread into my comments.”

In the article from Reuters, Klinsmann also stated the positive impact MLS is having on the sport in North America and how things are moving forward as the expectation levels of fans continue to rise after the World Cup campaign this summer.

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Let’s wait and see if Garber has any kind of comment on Klinsmann’s latest statement, but I have a feeling these discussions may happen in private from now on.