Messi nears La Liga goalscoring record in 3-0 win over Eibar


Lionel Messi sits only one goal away from tying the La Liga goalscoring record set by Atletico Bilbao man Telmo Zarra after burying the final goal, his 250th, in Barcelona’s 3-0 victory against league opponent Eibar.

Xavi and Neymar also converted attempts to make up the positive scoreline, while their defense remained strong to keep a substantial goal-less streak alive, the Spanish giants having prevented a opposing team goal in all league competitions.

Lionel Messi will certainly establish this new mark in Spanish football history, but despite totaling both a goal and an assist in Barca’s recent triumph, manager Luis Enrique stated that he was pondering resting the forward for this game.

“I considered resting Messi, but you know there’s always the risk that you miss a great goal like the one he scored today,” the Blaugrana head man said.

Enrique also clarified the fact that his most dynamic footballer would seek his best form, regardless of the record being a viable opportunity to boost his legacy further.

“Messi doesn’t need the prospect of breaking Zarra’s record to motivate him. He has been very eager ever since I got here and gives his all every game and on the training pitch, too.”

Barca will encounter Ajax in their next match, a Champions League group stage battle, but it wouldn’t be foolish to assume Messi, urged to challenge Cristiano Ronaldo, draws level with the record in the ensuing Oct. 25 contest against rival Real Madrid.

And if the 27-year-old numbers a brace, the tense fixture would serve as an excellent environment to set a new record.