Petr Cech is giving Thibaut Courtois safety tips


Petr Cech may have been replaced by Thibaut Courtois as Chelsea’s top goalkeeper, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t still teaching the young Belgian.

After a harsh collision with Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez, Courtois seemed to be dazed and confused as the medical staff rushed onto the field.

Despite clearly being rattled, Courtois continued to play for 20 minutes before finally being substituted out.

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While allowing Courtois to remain in the game is a whole different conversation, his backup Petr Cech has offered his advice on how to protect yourself as a goalkeeper.

Cech of course was involved in a vicious collision back in 2006, which left him with a depressed skull fracture that nearly ended his career. He is now known for wearing a protective helmet when playing in matches to help prevent any further injuries.

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When Courtois went down against Arsenal, Cech gave the big Belgian some tips on the physicality of the Premier League.

Petr sent me a message after the Arsenal game and later he told me that in the Premier League maybe some strikers really go against the keepers.

He said maybe sometimes it is better to protect your head to go down quicker and with your back or your shoulder protecting your head.

That was a tip he gave me and it’s good because, when you come into a new league sometimes things are different than in Spain so it’s good to know that.”

Courtois admitted the level of physicality is different between La Liga and the Premier League, but said his injury will not affect his aggressiveness in net.

Chelsea take on Maribor at Stamford Bridge tomorrow in Champions League group play.