VIDEO: Men In Blazers – Balotelli, own goals, and Mark Consuelos


Men In Blazers was once again live from the Crap Part of Soho tonight, and they traversed a wild weekend in Premier League play.

The weekend was dominated by penalties and own goals, but as always Rog and Davo looked deeper into what made the matchdays special.

Here’s a roundup from the show:

The two recap the Premier League weekend, focusing much on the chaotic finish at Loftus Road which saw Liverpool pip QPR with four goals in the final three minutes and change.

Mario Balotelli was a complete mess at Loftus Road, wandering the pitch aimlessly and rifling good chances out into the residential areas of London. The Men in Blazers think they found the reason why, diving deeper into a curious Puma advertisement that features a creepy Balotelli among other oddities.

Liverpool still pulled out the shocking win, and on the other end of that match QPR manager Harry Redknapp was frustrated during his postmatch press conference, taking out his anger on a presser backdrop that wouldn’t sit in just the right position.

As always, Rog and Davo shared their favorite moments from the weekend, which included a stunning own goal and a Burnley fan who also likes paint.

Finally, actor Mark Consuelos – a massive Manchester City fan – took to the panic room to share his love for the Sky Blues and talk about how he picked the blue side of Manchester.