League One club Rochdale uses marijuana lamps to grow grass


According to the BBC, the grounds crew at League One club Rochdale is using marijuana lamps to help grow grass on the team’s match pitch.

The lamps, which were seizes by police in drug raids, were set up by head groundsman Oli Makin who was desperate to improve the turf around the goal mouths and the tunnel. Makin came up with the idea after a similar set-up had been utilized at Notts County.

The lights were donated by the Greater Manchester Police and would’ve cost between $30,000 – $45,000 if purchased on the open market. The pitch, known as ‘Spotland,’ is expected to experience a “massive difference” according to the 24-year-old groundsman.

“It gets a lot of wear and tear in winter because there are football matches on Saturdays and rugby on Sundays. I can’t thank police enough…. It has saved the club a fortune and the players will be happy, especially the goalkeeper.”

In case you’re wondering, yes, this is a real story. And yes, the police department just gave a 24-year-old guy with a green thumb $45,000 worth of marijuana lamps to grow better grass.

Rochdale, man…Rochdale.