WATCH: Geoff Cameron says he’s fighting for a central position


American Geoff Cameron has gone on Stoke City’s official YouTube channel to declare outright he’s not in the running to play right-back unless the team has an emergency at the position.

The 29-year-old told Stoke’s media team that he would fill in at right-back if needed, but he’s made it clear to manager Mark Hughes that he’s there to carve out a place for himself at either holding midfielder or central defender.

Stoke has been anchored by Marc Wilson and Ryan Shawcross at CB for all eight Premier League matches, so it’s unlikely he would be able to break in there. The position Cameron is most able to make an impact at right away is that central midfield slot.

Making his first Premier League appearance of the season after returning from injury, Cameron came into that central midfield role with a half-hour left against Swansea and made an immediate impact. He set up the winning goal just 14 minutes after coming on by intercepting a pass and distributing well to spark a brilliant bit of team play. He ended with a perfect 15-15 passing and completed three of four tackles without committing a foul.

Geoff also knows how to truly take care of his training staff, saying in the video that he would thank them for their role in getting him back from a hernia operation by buying them a bottle of wine. Good man.