Father auctions his son’s allegiance… Manchester United or Manchester City?


Okay, this story is one of the craziest out there.

An Englishman has decided it would be a good idea to run an auction to sell his baby son’s allegiance to a Premier League team.

Many fathers across the world insist their children support the team they follow. Ian Charters, 30, has taken a completely different approach when it comes to his seven-month-old son Eddie.

This little chap will not have a say in which team he supports, because his Dad is going to auction it off.

Charters, from Greater Manchester, has invited bids for his son’s allegiance and in return the winner will get to choose if he supports Manchester City or Manchester United.

Just a quick note, Charters isn’t making money from this, all proceeds will go to charity. Ah, that changed your view on this entirely. Money will be raised for Bliss charity, after Eddie was born six weeks premature and spent over a month in hospital after being born.

His Dad had the following to say about the idea, and vowed that he wouldn’t want Eddie to be a Watford fan, or follow in the footsteps of his grandfather and support Dumbarton.

“It’s a bit of fun. I’ll buy him a shirt and when he’s old enough I’ll take him to a match. I’ll make sure he supports them. It’s mostly City fans where we live but it’s 50/50 at work. Everyone thinks it’s a good idea.”

It is a very cool way to raise money for charity and little Eddie will probably make his own mind up when he’s old enough anyway.

So, for now, City or United?