MLS Atlanta urges David Beckham, Miami to share stadium with Dolphins


David Beckham, listen up. The man behind Atlanta’s Major League Soccer franchise has some advice for you…

Get yourself in cahoots with an NFL franchise.

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That’s the message from Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank, who is funding ATL’s expansion franchise which will join MLS in 2017.

Blank will house Georgia’s first MLS franchise in the new NFL home of the Falcons, which is schedule to be finished next year, with special partition roofing providing a more intimate atmosphere for soccer games to reduce the 65,000 capacity stadium to around 30,000.

With Beckham and his ownership group still struggling to hammer out a stadium deal for his new franchise in Miami, Blank dished out some advice to Becks as he’s (Miami Beckham United) had various plans for a downtown stadium denied by the council members.

The Falcons owner is currently in London ahead of his teams match on Sunday against the Detroit Lions at Wembley, and here’s what Blank had to say when asked if Beckham’s team should stadium share with the NFL’s Miami Dolphins and the University of Miami’s American Football team.

“Yes,” Blank told reporters. “It’s a challenge Beckham has to overcome. It’s important he finds a balance between the commercial side and the special, emotional atmosphere you want for a soccer stadium.”

Is Sun Life Stadium a good option for the new MLS franchise in Miami? Eh, so, so.

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We have seen the stadium packed at 71,00 capacity for recent international friendlies between Colombia and Brazil, plus plenty of other one-off soccer games but one has to remember the pretty poor crowd of under 50,000 who turned up for Manchester United vs. Liverpool in the Guinness International Champions Cup final back in August. Okay, that match was played on a Monday night in Miami, it was a preseason friendly tournament and it was raining, but you would have expected a better crowd than that.

Anyway, what do you reckon Becks? Good idea? How about you folks, Sun Life and FIU Stadium seem like the best options left on the table, right?