Serbia awarded win but docked points after melee against Albania


After a disturbing display in Belgrade that forced officials to call off the match between Serbia and Albania, UEFA has come to a decision on the game’s result.

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Serbia was awarded a 3-0 win but was docked three points due to the violence that erupted in the crowd and on the pitch.

Both countries are appealing the decision.

A drone carrying a pro-Albanian flag flew into the stadium which sparked a fight between Serbian and Albanian players on the pitch, causing Premier League referee Martin Atkinson to call off the match in the 41st minute. The score was 0-0 at the time.

[ VIDEO: Serbia-Albania abandoned after drone sparks pandemonium ]

Bardhyl Minxhozi, a member of the Albanian Football Federation, voiced his displeasure with the ruling, calling it “a very sad day for European football. “

It’s a very disappointing decision, not only for Albanian fans from a football point of view, but it’s a decision which is unacceptable from a legal and a technical point of view.

We have a very dangerous precedent from this decision.”

The two Balkan nations have a long-standing feud over the province of Kosovo, which shares a border with both countries. Albanian fans were not allowed to attend the match in Serbia’s capital over security concerns.

The sides will meet again next October in Albania for a match that will be closely monitored by UEFA.