Top European clubs prefer to play Qatar World Cup in May


A group of 214 European clubs may make the request to hold the 2022 World Cup in May due to Qatar’s slightly-lower temperatures during the month.

The European Club Association includes at least one club from every nation in UEFA and includes massive teams like Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Barcelona.

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Given the options of November/December, May/June and June/July, they’d likely elect May for minimum disruption. A likely FIFA presidential candidate has also advocated starting the matches at 7pm, 10pm and 1am local time.

From the BBC:

The development of carbon neutral stadium-cooling technology was a key legacy pledge for Qatar 2022 and it is thought likely that the bid committee is open to a May schedule.

Fifa’s ‘calendar taskforce’ – which is considering the issue – met last month in Zurich. The next meeting is due to take place in early November with representatives from global broadcasters expected to attend.

The taskforce, which is led by Fifa vice-president Shaikh Salman, is due to announce the conclusion of its discussions and a timetable in March 2015.

In other news, FIFA has a “calendar taskforce”, which presumably will lead the War on Calendars.

While there’s always the option of not playing the World Cup in Qatar, the European clubs will hold massive sway in the decision. If they demand May, there’s a good chance they’ll get it.

However, depending on how the clubs amend their schedule, this could lead to a sloppier World Cup with less of a lead-up in preparation time and could hurt the “send-off series” of games played by countries like the United States.