FA Chairman hoping someone steps up to challenge Sepp Blatter


FA Chairman Greg Dyke is pleading with someone, anyone, to come forward and challenge Sepp Blatter.

So far, the 78-year-old Blatter is running for reelection at the helm of FIFA unopposed, and not everyone is happy that he will be handed another term.

However, it may not be for the reason you would think.

“As an individual he (Blatter) is OK, but two terms is probably as long as anyone should do in that job.” Dyke said to BBC 5 Live radio. “You need change and it’s hard to get change if you don’t change the president.”

Dyke reiterated strongly where he and the rest of England stands on the situation.

“The FA made it very clear we didn’t think he should have stood again,” he said. “We did think he stood last time on the basis that would be his last term and therefore we needed another candidate. I think there’s a possibility another serious candidate emerges. I think their chances of getting in are not great. I think Blatter will be there for another four years. But in English football we all think that change would be a good thing.”

Any candidate that comes forward to challenge Blatter would need the approval of five different confederations.

There is buzz that a potential challenger could come in the form of former FIFA executive Jerome Champagne. The 56-year-old has declared his intention to run and has dubbed his campaign “Hope For Football.”

With controversies surrounding both the upcoming Russian and Qatar World Cups, there is plenty of work left to do for whoever gets the post.