Another Premier League club linked with US investor, ex-MLB owner


Further rumors of American investment in the Premier League have arrived in the form of an ex-Major League Baseball club owner and a certain club in Wales.

John Moores is a 70-year-old businessman who most notably owned the San Diego Padres from 1994-2012. He’s being linked with Swansea City, though club chairman Huw Jenkins said while the club is entertaining investors, any specific names would be “pure speculation.”

A BBC report quotes Jenkins as saying, “There is a level of confidentiality that has to remain until there is a bit more to give,” but investment would be a welcome respite for a club that has succeeded through the shared money of the league more than offshore billions and massive global branding.

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Swansea City Supporters Society Ltd owns 20 percent of the club as it stands now, while four others including Jenkins own between 10 and 22.5 percent of the club.

Five Premier League clubs currently have American ownership of backing (Manchester United, Aston Villa, Sunderland, Arsenal and Liverpool), while three Championship clubs (Derby County, Fulham, Millwall) and one League One club (Coventry City) also have US ties.