Robbie Keane, regardless of playoffs, will play in US-Ireland match overseas

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Robbie Keane is one of several players in MLS MVP contention, basking in an excellent season by the numbers, slotted at third-place in league for goals and assists with 19 and 14 tallies respectively. Combinations with Gyasi Zardes and Landon Donovan, among others, have made the 34-year-old Keane look ageless in league play.

Playing abroad for the Republic of Ireland, too, the artful striker has made headlines, breaking the Euro qualifier goal record after he netted a hat-trick in a 7-0 victory over Gibraltar.

The Irishman’s international run this year isn’t over despite LA being in the MLS playoffs, as manager Martin O’Neill had Keane listed on the team’s roster in preparation for a friendly match against the United States on Nov. 18. The veteran also plans to perform in his country’s Euro 2016 qualifier match four days before the competition against the U.S.

“I’m looking forward to it,” Keane told, speaking about battling Jurgen Klinsmann’s side in Dublin. “The relationship between the Irish and Americans is very strong. There’s a lot of Americans in Ireland. It’s a game that, I think, should happen probably on a regular basis.”

For Galaxy fans thinking that Keane will feel ill effects of traveling overseas, he assured media that his productivity on the pitch will not change, while he described himself as an energetic.

“There’s really no effect. I came in last night, feel fine, and going back to Ireland is the same. I’m usually someone with a lot of energy anyway, so in that respect, I’m quite lucky.”