Aurelien Collin says still “no movement” on new KC contract

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Described as a “stalemate” by Sporting KC CEO Robb Heineman two months ago, it seems nothing has changed on the status of free agent-to-be Aurelien Collin.

“I don’t know,” Collin told reporters while cleaning out his locker after being knocked out of the playoffs. “Right now, there is nothing. Not even a conversation.”

With his contract running out this winter, Collin is reportedly hoping to earn more than the $275,000 salary he made this season, but his current club says it’s brought several offers to his attention.

“He’s already been offered a couple of contracts, so at this point, I don’t know what will happen,” said coach Peter Vermes, who also serves as technical director. “That conversation has already taken place. It stopped because it’s now his decision. I can’t tell you where it’s going to go.”

He told reporters that the most recent contract the club extended to Collin at least meets his current salary and could exceed it, known as a “bona fide offer.” Unfortunately, Collin isn’t aware of anything brought to his table.

“I like it here with Sporting KC,” Collin said. “I’m going to see what’s going to come and make the best decision possible for me. I haven’t talked with Sporting KC, but I’m sure Sporting KC wants to talk with my agent very soon. We’ll see what happens.” Because of that “bona fide” offer, Collin would not become a true free agent if he declines to re-sign. His rights would still belong to Sporting KC and they would either have to trade his rights or be transferred outside of Major League Soccer.

The defender was solid this season, even if he doesn’t exactly think so. As is often with quality defenders, his value is more often noticed when he’s absent. Collin appeared 21 times during the MLS regular season, during which Sporting KC lost five matches. During the eight MLS games he missed over the course of the year, KC lost half of them, conceding 12 goals.

It was no different during extra-curricular competitions. In the CONCACAF Champions League, Collin appeared in three matches and missed three. In those he played, KC won two and drew one. In those he did not appear, KC drew, won, then collapsed 5-1 at Cruz Azul and was eliminated.