Men In Blazers: 1936 recap, Premier League haircuts, and Shaggy


The Men in Blazers Show wore out its welcome in this era, so Rog and Davo took their shenanigans back in time as they recapped this suboptimal week in Premier League action.

With the pair not wanting to play highlights like normal broadcasts, they instead stuck everything in 1936-esque black-and-white and read the copy like weirdos, because that’s what they do best.

They cover the Manchester derby, the Chelsea win over QPR, and Newcastle’s shocking defeat of Liverpool complete with Wonga-stretching.

The pair discuss their favorite moments from the Premier League weekend, some which likely to be your favorites, while others of which were probably only funny to those in the panic room.

Dancing Brits in the stands are always a good laugh, however, and there’s plenty of that. Also, a Manchester City fan nervously knawing his fingers into stubs while burning holes into the hearts of players with a demonic stare.

Jamaican supporter Shaggy joined the duo from the crap part of Soho, and discussed his love for all things soccer and music and soccer music.

While cricket is wildly popular in his home country, they produce plenty of world talent, but none that stays (kind of like Minnesota). While Rog and Davo stopped short of asking him to sing for them, they did, however, get Shaggy to name drop the two like he does his own, and he asked to remix their theme song. Watch this space for more on that!