If you’ve ever wondered if Wayne Rooney can sing, this Ed Sheeran video is for you

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Make it appearance No. 2 in ProSoccerTalk’s annals for English singer Ed Sheeran.

A week after going to a Sheeran concert helped get referee Mark Clattenberg in a bit of trouble, a video of the singer and English troubadour striker Wayne Rooney in a pub singalong has the ginger singer back on PST.

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The video certainly humanizes the larger than life Manchester United personality, and apparently Robin van Persie joined in from the crowd.

We’ll save the “Don’t quit your day job” vibes and give the well-known Stereophonics fan a high-five for taking a stage other than the pitch.

From The Daily Mail:

He joined Ed for drinks at the Sir Ralph Abercromby pub but when Ed pulled out his guitar Rooney was keen to sing with him.

The millionaire footballer sat on a stool with a pint of lager on the table next to him, and at times closed his eyes and clasped his hands together as he sang one of his favourite songs.

The crowd, which included Robin Van Persie, joined in although at times those watching could be heard giggling as Rooney struggled to hit some of the notes.

Wayne, 29, later documented their late night drinks by sharing a fun post-show snap with his 10.1 million Twitter followers.