German police contemplating charging Galatasaray fans with manslaughter


Police in Dortmund are investigating the fan rowdiness inside Westfalenstadion during Borussia Dortmund’s 4-1 Champions League win over Galatasaray.

The department has confirmed via a statement that they are looking into charging arrested Turkish fans with “attempted manslaughter, disturbing the peace, breaking laws regulating explosives and laws on assembly.”

Galatasaray fans made headlines when they tossed flares into a Dortmund section, lighting it on fire temporarily and requiring a fire extinguisher to put it out.

This is nothing new for the Turkish club, who have been repeatedly sanctioned by FIFA and UEFA, but the action taken seems to have little effect. Now, it could plunge fans in serious legal trouble.

According to the police, trouble started well before the match, as fans walked down German streets with smoke bombs and flares lit.  It continued into the stadium, and police were forced to take action. Dortmund police chief Edzard Freyhoff confirmed that they arrested some fans “on the spot” and that after the match they took around 700 visiting fans and checked their identification, took their pictures, and searched them to help identify those causing trouble.

The Galatasaray fans have repeatedly pleaded with fans to stop the violence and thus end the sanctions brought upon the team, but to no avail. The match was even stopped at the height of the violence for the players to make their way to the away section and beg fans to stop being rowdy.

source: Getty Images
Galatasaray players Selcuk Inan and Felipe Melo beg and plead with fans to stop their antics, but to no avail. Credit: Getty Images.
source: Getty Images
Flares and smoke bombs were thrown onto the field of play during the game action. Photo credit: Getty Images