Enrique plays down possible rift with Gerard Pique


Barcelona boss Luis Enrique has made it known that no problems between he and longtime Barcelona defender Gerard Pique exist, even though multiple Spanish reports detailed such matters after the squad’s 3-1 loss to Real Madrid.

The Spaniard hasn’t been in the lineup since that match, and also hasn’t appeared on the injury report.

Supposedly, the defender was caught using his cellphone in the middle of a match during derby night against RCD Espanyol, and that’s part of the reason Enrique has not played the usual fixture in the starting XI.

The manager refuted these rumors, which could only be invalid all together, with the real problem having to do with shaky play on the pitch. Enrique insisted that nothing personal between the two has affected playing time in the slightest.

“Pique is doing everything a footballer can do. It is you [the media] who is exaggerating. If I have a problem with a player, I like to be direct with them. But thankfully that has not happened here.”

“I am not speaking any more about this matter. You have already asked me three questions about just one player.”

After a red-hot start to their year, Barca recently dropped two-straight games to Real Madrid and Celta Vigo, but the LA Liga big dogs were able to get a positive Champions League outcome this week–1 2-0 victory over Dutch club Ajax.

“Sometimes it goes more quickly, and sometimes more slowly,” Enrique said of the ebbs and flows of a season. “Sometimes things go better than I expected, sometimes we slip backwards. There are a lot of new things.”

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