No surprise: Jose Mourinho delighted Spain left out Costa


Jose Mourinho has been begging Spain boss Vicente del Bosque to leave Diego Costa off his squad and allow the Brazilian-born striker to heal his hamstring injury.

With reports earlier that it may eventually require surgery, two weeks of rest likely won’t fully heal the issue, but nonetheless Mourinho is delighted that Del Bosque has finally heeded his wishes.

“I think Spain made a fantastic decision not just for us but for them,” the Chelsea manager said. “He has 15 days to get to the top of his game and when they need him they will get a good Diego not a bad one.

Chelsea has been blessed with good health so far this season, with Costa banging in goals left and right despite the injury, and Cesc Fabregas also playing through pain in this weekend’s win over Liverpool. And now things will likely get better, as Mourinho said earlier this season his injury has kept him out of training for most of the year just to get healthy for matches.

The strikers that Del Bosque has chosen in Costa’s place feature Napoli’s in-form hitman Jose Callejon, who is joined by Alvaro Morata and Valencia’s Paco Alcacer.

Callejon leads all Serie A goalscorers with eight on the year in 10 matches, while Alacer has four goals in La Liga play this year at just 21 years of age.

Mourinho’s next push will be to get Del Bosque to replace Fabregas, whom Mourinho said played through pain against Liverpool but was called into the Spanish squad anyways.