Watch: Christoph Kramer chips his own goalkeeper for OG of the week

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Borussia Dortmund are bottom of the Bundesliga table, and need any bit of help they can get as their season has gone from bad to worse as the weeks draw on.

That’s where Christoph Kramer comes in.

The German international defender at the back for Borussia Monchengladbach decided he wanted to send the ball back to his own goalkeeper to distribute in an attack. Well…he sent it backwards, but maybe next time he’ll want to do it through the air.

Note to all you young kids out there learning to defend: this isn’t the way to send in a back pass.

The 23-year-old accidentally chipped his own goalkeeper Yann Sommer and sent the ball into the back of the net from near the mid line, and that proved to be enough to see Dortmund past Monchengladbach.

Best part of that video: the guy in red behind the goal with his hands up. “Huh?”

It’s a much-needed three points for Dortmund to pull them back off the bottom of the table and out of the relegation zone to 15th in the table, and maybe this will be something Jurgen Klopp can use to boost his team back up the table.

Also, this is a little bit hilarious:

Translation: Kramer talked to a friend on the phone yesterday and said “an own goal would never happen to me.”

Oedipal levels of hubris there from Kramer.