Adebayor to Spurs fans: Stop booing us at home


Emmanuel Adebayor isn’t sure if he would rather play home or away from White Hart Lane.

For Spurs’ supporters, they’d probably choose away.

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Tottenham’s struggles this season have been well documented as they continue to try and find their form under Mauricio Pochettino, but their recent play at home has caused Spurs fans to worry.

White Hart Lane has been kind to visitors as Spurs have dropped four of their last five league games at their home park.

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With Adebayor relegated to the bench for Tottenham’s 2-1 loss to Stoke City, the striker called out Spurs’ fans for turning against their side.

When you are playing in front of your own crowd you want them to support you, but now it is like going through a sad moment and your family not welcoming you home.

That’s the worst thing ever because you have nowhere to go. At the moment I don’t know whether we should play at home or whether we should play away.

(At Hull their next game) At least you know I am going to be having the majority of opposition fans booing me rather than our own fans booing me. And I am not just talking about me, I am speaking on behalf of all the players.

I think it might be better to play away from home at the moment because at least we know beforehand we are guaranteed to be booed because they want their home club to win.”

Pretty harsh words from one of Tottenham’s highest paid players who just lost his starting position. However, can you really blame Spurs fans for being upset?

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It’s not that Tottenham has failed to get results, but rather they have failed to put in the effort. They are often outclassed by teams with less talent, angering the supporters who thought their team could challenge for a top-four position.

With only two goals in ten appearances this year, more goals will mean less boos for Adebayor.