England captain Wayne Rooney gifted commemorative gold cap for 100th England appearance

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Wayne Rooney won his 100th cap for the England national team on Saturday, which would be a fantastic achievement for any professional soccer player and his respective home country. As a gift from the Football Association (FA), Rooney was gifted a special commemorative gold cap to mark the occasion.

Only, the “gold” looked a bit more “mustard” than anything, and the design of the hat was, well, we’ll just say you’re not going to be seeing it on the cover of GQ anytime soon.

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Rooney, of course, was very respectful and thankful for the token gift, thanking the FA, his family and the fans for all their support along the way.

Note to anyone living in Manchester or the surrounding area: If you see Rooney wearing the above cap in public during a night out, feel free to drop us an email with a picture attached.

No, but really, we’re being serious.