Fans rush pitch, beaten by police as Ivory Coast qualifies for African Cup of Nations


Crazy scenes out of Abidjan where Ivory Coast fans rushed the pitch and were beaten by police following their side’s qualification for the 2015 African Cup of Nations.

In a bore 0-0 draw that saw opponents Cameroon reduced to 10-men, the Ivory Coast ended the match passing the ball comfortably around their defense without being challenged. Then, at the full-time whistle, Ivorian fans poured onto the pitch to celebrate their side’s advancement to the ACN finals.

While most of the fans on the pitch were non-threatening and took to things like hanging from the cross bar, a few went a little over the top with one fan putting a hip hug on Gervinho that prevented him from moving.

Riot police, however, didn’t take kindly to the pitch-rush, attacking fans with batons and chasing them back into the stands.