Jermaine Jones hears all the New England Revolution’s haters, thanks them for their motivation

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Pro tip: Do not anger Jermaine Jones.

For starters, the thought of the German-born American World Cup star angry, in your face is terrifying. Let’s ask Bernardo Anor what that’s like (photo, at right). Why am I here, his eyes cry out. Dude, what were you thinking, Daigo Kobayashi‘s (background) expression says. I’m going to need a spatula to pick him up, aren’t I, referee Drew Fischer fears.

Furthermore, Jones has never seemed afraid to speak up and voice his opinions. It doesn’t matter the topic, serious or trivial, he’s probably got a strong take one way or the other, and he’ll share it with you, if you just ask.

Or, as we found out on Friday — less than 48 hours before his New England Revolution‘s Eastern Conference Championship first leg matchup against the New York Red Bulls (Watch live on NBC and online via Live Extra, Sunday, 1:30 pm ET) — when the haters talk enough smack on him and/or his squad.

We’re not entirely sure who — and about what, as the Revs are without question the East’s hottest team right now — is hating on the Revs these days, but Jermaine is having none of it and using that hate to fuel his squad’s motivation.

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If it’s you, Red Bulls fans, that are hating on the Revs, let Jones’ display in Brazil serve as a friendly reminder of what a properly ticked-off and motivated Jones can do.