Jose Mourinho apologizes for criticizing supporters, grateful for Blues’ triumph over West Brom


Over the course of the year, Chelsea has been the most consistent team in the PL, even more so than reigning champs Manchester City. But despite that fact, Jose Mourinho wasn’t able to overlook what he perceived to be a weak home crowd at Stamford Bridge.

Nonetheless, following a 2-0 win over West Brom at home ground, the Portuguese boss noted that he no longer had concern regarding the rowdiness of Blues’ supporters, and he expressed regret for the comments made earlier.

“It improved a lot,” Mourinho said, according to the Daily Mail. ‘There is no comparison. I don’t want to speak again about it, for good and bad. They pay me to win matches, to coach, not to be critical of the crowd. I feel sorry with my comments from a couple of weeks ago. The difference was amazing.”

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Chelsea retained control of this match on both offensive and defensive ends from start to finish, and for those who have observed the Fulham-based squad this year, it’s no surprise to see another satisfactory performance against decent opposition.

Mourinho didn’t have much criticism, and although Chelsea did seem to let up after seizing a fairly quick first-half advantage, the 51-year-old handed all the credit to Albion.

“I think the first half was fantastic — really spectacular football, high quality football. We made the pitch really wide, we created spaces to play, we were really dangerous and they couldn’t stop us because we were really good.

“Instead of blaming my players, because I could feel the intensity of our game went a little bit down, instead of being negative with my players, I prefer to praise in the way West Brom did things in the second half.”