David Moyes details plane troubles ahead of Real Sociedad debut

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David Moyes began his return to managing in solid yet unceremonious fashion with a 0-0 draw against Deportivo over the weekend, but it wasn’t without drama for the new head man.

The 51-year-old told ESPN after the match about how his plane was forced to land at a different airport due to storm troubles up in the air.

“We flew over this morning, and could not land, the plane came down and then went back up again,” Moyes said.

“Then came in and went back up again. I thought does this happen every week in Spain? It was an experience, we ended up flying into a different airport. And waiting on a bus for an hour. I though the weather was only like this in England.”

There was drama on the pitch as well, as the Deportivo manager Victor Fernandez began to scream at Moyes for something during the match, and ended up sent to the stands for the scuffle.


In a brand new environment, Moyes felt comfortable in the situation, despite the fiery moment. “I felt pretty much at home,” he said after the match. “It was quite comfortable. I was in my dugout and [Cabellud] was in his. I do not know what happened. But he seemed quite angry about something.

“It felt like someone was going to say I was out here causing trouble straightaway. I said to [my translator] that I can see myself getting sent off. The rain, the game itself, a few tackles flying in. Our first half was okay, but I was a bit disappointed in the second.”

Although he held his own in the debut, Moyes did admit he was surprised at what he found in Spain early on.

“You come here and think it’s going to be the tiki-taka style [but] I have found that they are very keen to have high intensity in their game,” he said. “The president has asked me [to remedy] that we are lacking intensity and drive. I think that’s what people want, from what I’ve seen. Intensity is not just running around: it can be passing the ball, beating someone one vs. one, it is what you have and at the moment I have to find what ours will be: passing, individuals. I have to find it.”

Insightful stuff from Moyes, although that’s not overly surprising considering he had a bit more time on the airplane to mull over things.