Samir Nasri: Champions League woes could bring in new players


Despite winning two of the last three Premier League titles, Samir Nasri believes Manchester City players should still be worried about losing their positions with the team.

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While City has been a top contender in the Premier League for the past few seasons, they have struggled against Europe’s elite in the Champions League.

City currently sit in last place in their group with only two points from four matches. Facing undefeated and nearly unstoppable Bayern Munich tomorrow, Samir Nasri knows it is time for his side to prove their status as a top club in Europe.

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So not to qualify from the first round of the Champions League would be a huge blow for the club – and for us as well. At the start of the season our target – at minimum – was to go to the quarter finals of the Champions League. With this squad that should be the aim.

Sometimes, people have said our team is a little bit old, that’s what I read, but a midfield player is in his prime at 27-31, 28-32, so I think it [the squad] is the perfect age. But we need to do something or otherwise next year it is going to be new players, it’s going to be everything.

That’s how it works when you play for a big team, a big club. You have to respond and show everyone you deserve to qualify.”

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In order to advance to the knockout rounds, City must defeat Bayern Munich and Roma in their final two matches. If they do not, they will be eliminated in the group stage for the third time in the past four seasons.

For a team with the payroll and roster that Manchester City has, they should be advancing out of the group stages every year. While their run of play in the Premier League has been consistent, upper management will be looking to cash in on success in the lucrative Champions League.

Even if that means spending on new players.