Schalke’s Di Matteo plays down Chelsea reunion ahead of UEFA Champions League clash

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You have to figure Schalke manager Roberto Di Matteo would like very little better than topping Chelsea on Tuesday, cluttering Group G of the UEFA Champions League with one match day to play.

The Italian manager won the 2012 UCL crown with Chelsea, but his work wasn’t good enough for Roman Abramovich.  Now his Schalke club welcomes in Jose Mourinho and the Blues for a big midweek matchup.

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Yet as much as we all know what the win would mean, the former Chelsea player Di Matteo is giving his best shot at a poker face.

From the BBC:

“A win means we would get three points and be in a good position in the group, nothing else,” says Di Matteo. “I have no sentiment of revenge or anything like that; I enjoyed a wonderful time at Chelsea.

“They have every opportunity to be very successful this season. They have signed good players, functional players, and they are expressing themselves at the highest level. It looks like they have a very strong team and in the Premier League nobody can match them.

“That’s why we have to play a great game and I hope they are not in the best shape for that match.”

Schalke is three points back of Chelsea despite drawing 1-1 in the Stamford Bridge portion of group play. With Maribor and Sporting Lisbon behind the German club, Chelsea can win the group with a victory on Tuesday.