VIDEO: Robbie Rogers discusses new book, coming out on NBC’s “Today”


Robbie Rogers returned to professional soccer almost as much for the statement he could make as his love for the game.

Speaking on NBC’s “Today” to promote his book — “Coming Out To Play” was released today — the Los Angeles Galaxy talked about how working with gay and lesbian youth organizations made him realize the biggest impact he could make was by coming out, and then going onto the field again.

“I realized just by playing and being on a soccer field, that’s a symbol right there and that can encourage and give people hope. It was really those kids inspiring me and what was kinda like my final decision. ‘Okay I need to sack up and go back into soccer,'” Rogers said.

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It’s a revealing interview, as Rogers discusses the language his coaches used growing up and lent his advice to current coaches as to how they can handle their teams given that “there’s probably a gay” person on their team.

Watch the full video below:

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