Cesc Fabregas offended by Sergio Ramos’ comments


Club vs. Country: what side are you on?

The debate has been ongoing this season, seemingly making more headlines than ever as multiple players have been injured while on national team duty.

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Over the latest international break, Chelsea’s Cesc Fabregas was left off of Spain’s roster to nurse a hamstring injury, as was his teammate Diego Costa.

This led to comments from Spanish defender Sergio Ramos, who questioned his teammate’s commitment to the national team.

These comments from Ramos “irked” Fabregas, who said he personally called the defender to discuss the matter.

I told Ramos at the time that if he has something to say to me then he should pick up the phone and call and not send messages via the media.

Yes, I felt offended, and told Sergio how I felt. We eventually spoke on the phone and all is fine. It really irked me that my level of compromise was doubted. I’ve played many times and been involved in call-ups without playing.

I’ve played 94 games for Spain over the past nine years and have always shown up… always and always in good faith.”

Both Fabregas and Ramos are seasoned veterans for the Spanish national team, and a public spat like this is unexpected from players with such experience.

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Fabregas said he had talks with Spanish manager Vicente del Bosque, whom he said understood his need for time to recover from injury.

The battle between club and country continues to rage on (see Raheem Sterling) as managers of both teams know their jobs are on the line if they do not produce results.

It is hard to keep a player away from his national team, but for the clubs paying them tens of millions of dollars, they have their own opinions.