Men In Blazers: Rebecca Lowe joins the show to talk Premier League


This week, Rebecca Lowe joined Rog and Davo on the Men In Blazers Show, which we weren’t sure was allowed at first, since she doesn’t at all qualify as “suboptimal” but she lowered her standards for a night and joined us.

She’s a Crystal Palace fan at heart, and they went right off the bat asking her about it. Also, Rog got a shot in on Stoke City when introducing her.

In the latest installment of Blazertone News, Roger and Michael take a look at Southampton’s loss to Manchester City in Round 13.

Roger and Michael discuss Round 14 of the Premier League including Southampton vs. Manchester City and Joe Hart’s incredible mustache. They compare him to Tim Howard’s beefy facial hair, but it doesn’t even come close, frankly.

Roger and Michael discuss the pressure Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is currently under after struggling in the team’s last four games.

Roger and Michael share their most important moments from Round 14 including a huge match for Liverpool.