Gerrard on Liverpool win: “The headlines should be about that not me” (video)


Steven Gerrard scored a goal, could’ve had another few and was a big, big part of Liverpool’s 3-1 defeat of Leicester City on Tuesday.

And yet the questions kept coming his contract status and his move to the bench on the weekend.

Stevie G = not pleased.

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Here’s his post-match response to being asked when he’ll decide to sign a new deal with Liverpool or elsewhere.

From the BBC:

“I will decide when I am ready. There is nothing to say, when there is the fans know I will come out and say it. It was a great team performance, the headlines should be about that not me.

“I am happy with the goal, even more pleased with the win. We are on the way up. We are a lot harder to beat. Come the end of the season we will be fighting for fourth.”

And his manager is clearly getting pretty tired of answering questions about Gerrard as well.

“Steven Gerrard was rested last weekend with tonight in mind. When you rest a player people ask why. When you play them you are asked why aren’t you resting them. The energy from being rested at the weekend gave him the energy to play tonight.”

So to recap: the Gerrard/Rodgers rift is nonsense, Liverpool’s back in the race for Europe, and if you could stop asking Gerrard and everyone else at Liverpool about his future, he’d be really excited.