Leicester boss Nigel Pearson “had a spat with a fan towards the end” of their loss to Liverpool


Nigel Pearson is a tough man, the sort of grizzled coach who will get in a player’s face if that’s what the situation demands. And with his choice to remain in the stands as Leicester City manager after his touch line ban ended means he’s closer to the fans than his players.

One fan got a little more than he bargained for during Leicester’s 3-1 loss to Liverpool on Tuesday, when his barbs toward the Foxes caught the ear of their manager.

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Nigel wasn’t having any of it.

From the BBC:

“I had a spat with a fan towards the end. I don’t know what they are looking at at times. If they cannot see the players are having a proper go maybe they need to stay at home. The players are giving everything. I will always look for the positives. It is very easy for people to look at what we are not good at.

“I don’t like the commitment of my players being questioned. If they honestly think they are not committed, they are very wrong. Maybe that is why I stay in the stand.”

I wouldn’t mess with the dude. Honestly, if you made a list of the toughest managers in England, Pearson is on the list. If he’s not questioning the effort, neither are we.