VIDEO: Jose Mourinho says winning Premier League title is Chelsea’s No. 1 goal, not setting records


Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has once again stated his side’s bid to win the 2014-15 Premier League title will not be sacrificed in order to finish the season unbeaten (above video). In other words, we don’t want draws, we want wins.

“I’m not looking for records, I’m looking for points,” Mourinho said in his Friday press conference ahead of Chelsea’s matchup at Newcastle United on Saturday (Watch live on NBCSN and online via Live Extra, 7 am ET). “Victories and points.”

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Mourinho rightly understands that 10 draws, while keeping a bid for an unbeaten season alive, are worth only 10 points in the league table, whereas five wins and five losses in those same 10 games, bringing to an end the unbeaten season, are worth 15 points, pushing his side ever closer to the club’s real goal.

“If possible at the end of the season, titles.”

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