Pele to be released from the hospital Tuesday after recovering


After being hospitalized twice in the last three weeks, reports from around the world have indicated soccer legend Pele will be released from the hospital in Brazil after making a full recovery.

Three weeks ago the 74-year-old had surgery to remove kidney stones, and he was brought back to the hospital in Brazil just 10 days later for what was eventually diagnosed as a urinary tract infection.

“Considering his good recovery, the medical team programmed his release for tomorrow,” said Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo in a statement released Monday.

Pele was initially admitted into an intensive care unit for his second visit, before receiving dialysis and making a full recovery.

The Brazilian released a video on Friday to assure fans he was doing fine. It showed him in street clothing holding a guitar, playing for a bit, and then speaking to fans with a message in multiple languages that he will be fine. He also extends an invitation for everyone to visit Brazil and attend the upcoming Olympic games.

It’s fantastic news! Pele is a wonderful ambassador for the game and does incredible work promoting everything that is right with the world of soccer.