Men in Blazers: Christmas Sweaters, Kate Upton, and Robert James-Collier


The Men in Blazers returned to the airwaves, unprepared and suboptimal on their way to another half-hour of television.

This weekend of Premier League action was a fun one, and Rog and Davo extracted the move valuable portions of it for us to digest. We even got some American football to go along with our SOCCER as New York Giants rookie Odell Beckham, Jr showed off his skills on the field.

They also compared Kate Upton to Alan Pardew. We only have one reply for this show: “What the duck is cat?”

The two were joined by Robert James-Collier, actor from Downton Abbey, who discussed his love for Everton and the part of Manchester (sort of) that he’s from. Also, nobody knows if Manchester United is home or away next week. Oh well.