Champions League: Mourinho wary of “sharks”, but he’s swum with them


It was another match, another win for Jose Mourinho. Chelsea cruised past Sporting Lisbon with a 3-1 win, and any way they had already cruised through the UEFA Champions League group stage before this week’s round of games.

But the forthcoming knockout round carries plenty to fear considering the big unseeded names that could be coming Chelsea’s way.

Could Juventus be headed for Stamford Bridge? Paris Saint-Germain? Schalke? Bayer? Things could get dicey.

From the BBC:

“We don’t fear anybody, but we know there are very good, strong teams in this competition,” Mourinho said.

“But let’s see if the sharks let us, because there are a few sharks in the ocean.”

The good news? The Special One has swum with sharks before (literally). And he enjoyed it.

More from the BBC:

“Yes, I like. In a cage. I did it in French Polynesia. I didn’t want to go, but my wife and my kids, they pushed me.”

There you have it. Mourinho has no fear of any opponent heading into the next rounds. And why would he? He’s been to French Polynesia.

The bigger question: How gutsy are his wife and kids to shove him into the ocean?