Mario Gotze’s World Cup winning boot raises $2.5 million for charity


When Mario Gotze scored the game-winning goal in extra time of the World Cup final, he became a hero to all of Germany.

Now he has become a hero to A Heart for Children, a local German charity.

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Gotze gave the charity his left boot which scored the infamous goal for an auction to raise money.

Exceeding all expectations, the boot sold for two million Euros, which equates to nearly $2.5 million.

While collectors and sports fanatics will often pay ridiculous prices for pieces of memorabilia, it is good to hear that all of the proceeds from Gotze’s boot sale went to charity.

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Gotze’s boot looks like the match just took place, with dirt and grass still wedged in his spikes.

I have never washed the boot. It is still in the same condition as it was in Rio, when I left the stadium with it.

There is still grass on it. I have never put the boot on after the final. I kept it safe at my house.”

The charity’s treasurer Niko Knochenhauer said he was overwhelmed by the amount of money raised, saying he “would not have dreamed” of raising over $2 million.

It doesn’t seem as if Gotze’s new boots are affecting his play, as he has scored ten goals in 19 appearances for Bayern Munich this season.