VIDEO: Redknapp says Everton was the luckier side


Despite a 3-1 loss to Everton today at Goodison Park, QPR manager Harry Redknapp is staying strong with his squad, praising their performance yet again.

“I thought we played well. I thought for 35 minutes we felt ever so comfortable with the game and I really took it as there was something in the game for us tonight, and suddenly a great strike from a fantastic young player Ross Barkley…we walked in 2-0 down having felt we played very well the first half.”

The 67-year-old did concede that maybe his side could have used some better finishing in front of net, he noted a number of times how Everton benefited from a pair of deflections and they had the crowd at their back to give them a push.

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Despite Rangers remaining inside the relegation zone with the loss, Redknapp isn’t worried about the club’s future. “We will [get road points], for sure. I’ve got no doubts we’ll get points away from home.”

He also thinks the the luck will turn when it comes to the schedule. The QPR manager explains that the performances away from home haven’t been reflective of the results.

“I’ve been optimistic all along. We’ve had some great results, the home form has been excellent. In all honesty, the away games have been the games against teams at the start of the year that everyone thought would be the top teams and teams in banging form. So it’s been difficult away from home. The reverse has been at home, we’ve played lots of teams that are lower down.”

QPR has not picked up a single point away from home, having played Tottenham, Manchester United, Southampton, West Ham, Chelsea, Newcastle, Swansea and Everton. They have an upcoming road fixture against Arsenal before the visits soften up a bit with Burnley, Stoke, and Sunderland.