Cristiano Ronaldo passes up Platini handshake after Ballon d’Or comments


Real Madrid won the Club World Cup the other day after beating San Lorenzo in the finals of the tournament with clubs from…you guessed it…all around the world.

But when his club flew out to Morocco for the tournament, superstar Cristiano Ronaldo took his grudges with him.

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Ronaldo was held goalless in the tournament, but after the victory in the finals, the Portuguese forward stepped up to receive his winner’s medal, and let the world know he hadn’t forgotten what UEFA executive Michel Platini said about Ronaldo’s Ballon d’Or resume.

Incase you have forgotten, Platini said he would rather a World Cup winner such as Manuel Neuer collect the award.

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Well, that didn’t go over too well with last year’s winner. As Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti had a slight chat with Platini in front of Ronaldo in the medal line, the 29-year-old decided to just skip Platini altogether and keep moving.

So was it because of the Ballon d’Or comments? It makes a little too much sense to be simply coincidental.

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Do not fret, though. Ronaldo did end up shaking Platini’s hand after he received his Silver Ball award a little later at the conclusion of the ceremony. Sergio Ramos won the Golden Ball for the tournament’s best player.