Mats Hummels blunt about Dortmund’s form: ‘It’s pretty astonishing we are so pathetic’


Borussia Dortmund, a top side in the Bundesliga for years since they rose from the grave in the middle of this decade, now find themselves stuck at the bottom of the table, signaling what is most certainly an epic collapse.

For two straight years up to their current campaign, Dortmund finished in second place behind Bayern Munich and also ended their 2010-11 and 2011-12 seasons in first place.

Midfielder Marco Reus and center back Mats Hummels, among the most desirable talents in the world for their respective positions, both have not positively influenced the underachieving efforts of their relegation-bound side.

The Bayern Munich youth product netted his team’s lone goal in a 2-1 loss to Werder Bremen on Saturday, and after the match, Hummels, who’s been linked to a Manchester United transfer for months, outlined the struggles of BVB very simply.

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“It’s pretty astonishing that we are so pathetic,” he said. “There is no guarantee that it will get better. There just isn’t. Almost every key player was injured in the first round (of the season).

“We have played as badly as imaginable. We’re very concerned. The way we’re playing, we’re right down there. If we have all the strongest players back by the end of January, then it will be different. But there’s no guarantee of that. ”

Many people have pointed to one or two specific occurrences as the main reason(s) why the German squad has failed, despite a large collection of issues likely resulting in the downfall of Jurgen Klopp and Company.

Nevertheless, injury has certainly been one factor that’s led to Dortmund’s massive downslide, and Hummels acknowledged this reality when looking ahead to 2015.

“Three or four important players could get injured. Then we’ll have to deal with it differently from in the first round.”